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10 Outdoor Items You Should Have Professionally Powder Coated


Powder coating isn’t just for commercial projects or auto parts. There are many common uses for powder coating around your home that keeps your appliances and items looking pristine. A popular place for powder-coated objects is outside because it protects against weather conditions. So, we’ve compiled a list of ten outdoor items to powder coat professionally for long-lasting use and durability. A professional powder coating company will know exactly what these objects need for a smooth and resistant finish.


1. Patio Furniture

Metal patio furniture is the perfect outdoor item to powder coat for many reasons. First, your patio furniture can rust and degrade over the years without proper protection. Powder coating will keep new patio tables, chairs, and benches looking in top shape for many years. On the other side, powder coating is the ideal choice for restoration if you have old patio furniture that needs a refresh.


2. Playground Equipment

Playground equipment sees the harshest weather conditions, from hot sunny days to torrential downpours to cold winter seasons. A powder coat finish gives playground equipment an extra layer of protection so kids can freely play without the risk of damaging the equipment.


3. Picnic Tables

Metal isn’t the only material that can withstand powder coating. Wood is another material that holds up well with powder coating because it can withstand high heat. Therefore, picnic tables are ideal for a powder coating finish. Not only does it provide extra protection, but it also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your outdoor area. You can choose a color as bold or neutral as you like with endless color and texture options.


4. Outdoor Light Fixtures

Your outdoor light fixtures allow the outdoor fun to go on into the night. Even though most of your light fixtures are under a covered area, they still can benefit from a fresh powder coating finish. It helps protect your light fixtures from dust, dirt, and other grime that gets in the way up high.


5. Outdoor Metal Fixtures

Another small outdoor item you may not think of powder coating is outdoor metal fixtures. This includes door knobs, handles, hinges, and frames. These items may not see much use or direct sunlight, but it’s still wise to protect these fixtures with powder coating. Your visitors will appreciate the stunning details in your backyard!


6. Gates & Fences

Your gate or fence is a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor area. However, over time it can rust and degrade, which is very expensive and time-consuming to replace. Having your gate or fence professionally powder coated is a smart financial decision because it keeps your gate or fence strong and protected for the long term. In addition, if your gate is already rusted, powder coating can restore it back to its original beauty!


7. Garden Decorations

While many powder-coated items are for practical use, sometimes it’s for aesthetics! For example, if you have garden decorations made from materials like iron, metal, or wood, powder coating will refresh your decorations to pristine condition. The added layer of protection against all weather conditions is a nice bonus too!


8. Lawn & Garden Tools

Even if your lawn and garden tools are stored safely in the garage or shed, a professional powder coating finish is ideal. You should certainly consider powder coating your smaller hand tools, but don’t forget about the larger lawn and garden tools. Items like lawnmowers, tractors, and other large tools can last longer with powder coating.


9. BBQ Grills

This is another often forgotten outdoor item when it comes to powder coating. Your BBQ grill obviously puts out a lot of very high heat, which will wear down the materials over time. A professional powder coating will keep all the grill components in pristine condition. At Powder Coat Art, we specialize in high-heat powder coating so any object can receive a durable finish.


10. Metal Gutters & Downspouts

Metal gutters and downspouts are essential parts of your home to keep water flowing away. Unfortunately, these items can rust and fall apart over time if not properly cared for, which is not good for keeping water away from your home. Instead of paying to replace your metal gutters and downspouts, a professional powder coating will protect and restore them.



Professional powder coating is the perfect finish for many of your most-used outdoor items. It adds years to your objects and looks sleek too. If you’re looking for a powder coating partner for your outdoor materials, Powder Coat Art is your trusted source. Our team of experts uses the highest quality equipment and pure process to give you the exact desired results. Contact Powder Coat Art today to learn more about our services. 



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