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Can I Choose a Powder Coat Texture?


Powder coating is a popular finish for metals used for indoor, outdoor, or industrial applications. Different types of powder coating, like a high heat powder coat, can work with your unique project. Powder coating is a straightforward process that gives you long-lasting and high-quality results. A popular question surrounding powder coating is if you can choose a powder coat texture. The short answer to choosing a powder coat texture is yes, but there are other things you should consider as you make your color and texture choice.


Choosing a color or texture that works with your preferences and the object’s environment is another way powder coating can customize to your needs. Selecting a powder coat texture is simple with Powder Coat Art because we have a wide variety of powder coating colors and textures to choose from. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting a powder coat texture.


The Purpose for Powder Coat Texture


At Powder Coat Art, we offer many standard finishes, plus metallic, multicolor, and anodized finishes. Our colors and textures span from neutrals to bold and everything in between. We want our clients to have the opportunity to get exactly what they want in their powder coating project. Some projects just call for a standard finish and color, but other times a textured finish is necessary or desired. Choosing a more textured finish serves two purposes, aesthetic and functional.


  • Aesthetic: The main reason someone chooses a powder coat texture is for aesthetic purposes. If your object is on display or a part of a specific design scheme, it may be essential to choose the right powder coat texture to fit in. Other times, you may want your metal object to stand out, so we also have bold and prominent colors and textures.


  • Functional: Choosing a powder coat texture can also help the function of your object. Powder coat texture can hide a defect in your metal object or cover an object’s surface that doesn’t function well or look pleasing.


Questions to Consider When Choosing a Powder Coat Texture & Color


When you look at the number of color and texture options in front of you, it can be overwhelming at first. We have some helpful questions to help you narrow down to the texture and color you want and need for your metal object. As always, you can reach out to our expert powder coat team and let us know your color and finish needs, and we will help you find what’s best.


What are you using the finished object for?


If your metal object is handled daily, you should consider a texture that won’t slip and is comfortable to hold. However, if design and aesthetics matter with your powder coating project, that will affect your texture choice. So, you should definitely consider the purpose of your finished object will help you narrow down finishes that are functional for your needs.


What type of conditions and environment will your finished object be exposed to?


Think about weather conditions, outside temperatures, surrounding objects, chemicals, abrasion, and more. For example, if your object lives outside and is exposed to constant heat, you should consider a high heat powder coating to help the object be more resistant to color fading.


What color and texture preferences do you have?


Bottom line, you have to like the powder coating color and texture you select. If it’s something you will interact with on a daily basis, you want to enjoy it! So consider your preferences to quickly rule out what you don’t like for your metal object.


Choose Your Powder Coat Texture Wiseley


Even if you are exactly sure what texture you want or if you’re entirely unsure, it’s always best to consult with a powder coating expert before making the final decision. We can help you make the right choice with your specific project and the uses and aesthetics it requires. Then, choose your color and texture wisely, so you are delighted with the end result.


We can assure you that our powder coating services are completed with incredible quality and expertise, no matter the color or texture you choose. The electrostatic gun blasts out the powder so that it clings to the metal object and eventually fuses and cures. The end result is an entirely even coat that resists corrosion, heat, and weather.



Contact Powder Coat Art today to learn about our services and the colors and textures available for your powder coating project. We are located near Nashville, TN, making it easy to ship your finished object anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. So let’s get your powder coating project started today by selecting the perfect texture for your object.


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