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Common Uses of Powder Coating


If you’re new to powder coating, you might be wondering how popular it truly is. So many products surround you in your daily life that is finished with powder coating. It’s the preferred finishing method for various industries because of its quality and longevity. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses of powder coating. You might be surprised by what you can have powder coated!


Why Powder Coating?


There are many different finishing options out there, like paint and plating, so why is powder coating the obvious choice for many people and businesses? We go into detail here about why powder coating is better than wet paint, but in short, it’s a more straightforward process that yields a long-lasting and quality result. Powder coating also helps resist corrosion, rust, dirt, and sun damage, making it a perfect finish for outdoor metal objects. Even though powder coating is a finish for metal objects, it’s still versatile enough to work for a variety of industries and needs. Let’s dive into where you most commonly see a powder coat finish.


Auto Parts


Auto parts and wheels that have that shiny and smooth finish have a powder coating finish. Powder coating allows you to get the aesthetics you want while still maintaining the quality of your object. At Powder Coat Art, we specialize in powder coating auto parts and wheels. We also have the capability for high-heat powder coating that takes the already heat-resistant powder coating to the next level. 




The metal gates you see outside your home or at a local park were likely finished with powder coating. Gates see every type of weather condition like the extreme heat and cold, rain, and wind, so they must withstand the elements for the long haul. Not only do owners want the gates to function appropriately, but they also need to look great, which is why powder coating is commonly used for metal gates.


Lawn Furniture


Lawn chairs and outdoor furniture see a lot of sun and wear and tear. If you’re wondering how your metal lawn or patio furniture still holds up year after year, it’s probably because it was finished with powder coating. However, powder coating doesn’t have to look bland or generic either. There are many powder coating color and texture options available to fit perfectly into your existing design. At Powder Coat Art, we offer a diverse amount of colors and textures. You have the opportunity to choose from standard finishes, plus metal, anodized, and multicolor finishes. A powder coating expert can help you decide the best color and texture for your specific project too.




Another everyday use of powder coating is on home appliances, like your refrigerator. Powder-coated appliances allow for the paint to withstand the normal wear and tear and not scratch or chip. Just like with other objects mentioned, powder coating does more for indoor appliances than provides longevity. Powder coating also gives home appliances a polished look.


Outdoor Machines


Most outdoor machines, equipment, and tools are finished with powder coating. They are typically finished with powder coating because the machine either lives outside, puts out a lot of heat, or both. Examples would be tractors, lawnmowers, and farm equipment. You may also notice that golf carts, ATVs, and bicycle frames are finished with powder coating as well.


Commercial & Industrial Parts


Many of these objects we’ve mentioned are finished with powder coating by the manufacturer before they are sold. In addition, other commercial and industrial parts must be completed with powder coating, and it’s essential to have a powder coating partner that can meet these demands. At Powder Coat Art, we specialize in powder coating industrial parts and have the shipping capability for efficient turnaround and delivery times.


Office Furniture


When you go into work tomorrow, take a look around, and you’ll see a lot of the office furniture was finished with powder coating. Furniture like metal filing cabinets, office chairs, and metal desk parts all have a powder coating finish. Even though these objects don’t see extreme weather conditions, powder coating allows them to last much longer. If you look closely, you’ll notice even the nearby fire extinguisher is finished with powder coating.


Trusted Powder Coating Services


Powder Coat Art offers a variety of powder coating services and metal preparation. We use the most high-quality machinery and materials to give you a result that will exceed your expectations. You can see here that there are a variety of objects that require a powder coating finish for ultimate quality and durability. Powder Coat Art can be your trusted partner for powder coating, whether you have an indoor, outdoor, commercial, or industrial metal project. 


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