weather affects powder coating

Does Weather Affect Powder Coating?


It’s easy to wonder if weather affects powder coating for metal objects used and stored outdoors. Overall, powder coating is very durable and holds up well in various weather conditions, making it the ideal solution over paint and other finishes. However, when discussing powder coating outside, there are other factors to consider to ensure it stays in pristine condition with weather conditions.


Outdoor temperature, humidity levels, and other weather conditions could potentially impact a powder-coated object if not completed or cared for properly. Understanding how the weather could affect powder coating is essential, and also learning how important a quality powder coating process is for protection. So let’s dive into how weather affects powder coating and the process designed to protect your powder-coated object from weather conditions.


Hot & Cold Temperatures


As temperatures fall in the winter and rise in the summer months, you will want to take extra care of your outdoor powder-coated objects. Ideally, your metal object with powder coating is stored in an environment between 68-80 degrees. This keeps your powder coating in pristine condition longer. For extreme cold or hot days, consider storing your metal object indoors when not in use.


If your object is regularly under very high amounts of heat, like auto parts, a high-temperature powder coating is a solution. This special powder coating can withstand up to 1100°F and works well for grills, auto parts, and generators. High heat powder coating may also be ideal for outdoor metal objects under direct sunlight in hot climates. 




Humidity is a significant cause of corrosion in metal objects, leading many people to choose a powder coating finish to protect their metal. While powder coating is resistant to corrosion, humidity can still affect it if not cared for properly. Therefore, when storing your powder-coated object, avoid placing it near heat sources.


If you live in an exceptionally high humid climate, there are extra steps you can take to ensure your metal object is protected from corrosion caused by weather humidity. Contact the Powder Coat Art team to discuss your specific needs.


Start With the Right Powder Coating


The key to keeping your powder coating as weather-resistant as possible starts with selecting the right type of powder coating for your part. There are several types of powder coating to make it versatile enough for various objects. Some powder coatings are more resistant to outdoor weather conditions than others, though. 


Discuss your metal object, use, and storage plans with powder coating experts to ensure you receive the right type of powder coating. Without a suitable powder coating, your outdoor metal object could be negatively affected by weather conditions.


Trust Experts With a Quality Process


The process to complete your powder coating is just as important as the type of powder coating and proper maintenance. Proper pre-treatment and quality equipment will make your powder-coated object extremely durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. 


If old residue isn’t removed from a metal object before a new powder coat is applied, it can corrode much faster when exposed to humidity because it doesn’t have that smooth and solid finish. At Powder Coat Art, we use premium sandblasting to remove old corrosion, rust, dirt, residue, and previous powder coats. This gives our team a clean slate to work with.


Another critical factor in protecting your powder coating from weather elements is primer. A good quality primer will strengthen the bond between the powder and the metal. Primer also helps prevent oxidation, which is crucial to keep humidity from negatively affecting your powder coating. Our team takes these critical pre-treatment steps to ensure your powder-coated metal object lasts for many years to come. After surface preparation and applying the powder, the curing process ensures it completely clings and fuses to the part for a beautiful and durable finish.   


The equipment used for powder coating should be high quality and state-of-the-art. This ensures the powder clings to the metal part in a smooth and solid way. Using the best powder coating equipment also ensures your chosen color and texture will be bold. Powder coating also holds its color longer, which is needed for outdoor parts exposed to weather conditions. Surface preparation, world-class equipment, and proper curing are all steps Powder Coat Art takes to ensure your metal part can withstand the weather for a long time.


Powder Coat Art is the perfect choice for your indoor, outdoor, or industrial powder coating project. We provide quality, efficient work so you can enjoy and use your project for many years to come. In addition, our expertise extends to our customer service, so you can trust that our team will provide excellent communication throughout the whole process. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



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