High-Quality Powder Coating Equipment

High-Quality Powder Coating Equipment Brings World-Class Results


Powder coating is both a specific science and beautiful art. It takes skill, a proven process, and the right equipment to yield the most professional result. There is a lot of focus on the powder coating process, and rightly so, but we can’t forget the importance of high-quality powder coating equipment. We’re here to share why powder coating equipment is critical to your project and why DIY powder coating equipment usually doesn’t bring the results you want. 


Why is Powder Coating Equipment Important?


You hear us talk about selecting the right powder coating for your specific part and key components of the powder coating process, like surface preparation. All of these steps to powder coating are carried out with powder coating equipment. There is a wide range of equipment for powder coating available, from inexpensive to best-of-the-best. The quality of your end result is greatly affected by the equipment used in the powder coating process!


Even if you choose the best powder coating and have a detailed process, poor equipment will not give you the high-quality finish and durability you need. One of the most critical pieces of powder coating equipment is the powder coat gun. An electrostatic powder coat gun shoots out the powder to cling to the metal object. A good quality powder gun will distribute the powder evenly, which leads to the best possible finish. By contrast, a more basic powder coating gun may not provide the even distribution needed for great results.


There’s more equipment involved with powder coating, and each one plays an essential role in the process. So, when you’re looking for a powder coating company to complete your project, it’s important to ask about the equipment they use, in addition to their process. If you’re wondering if you can find all the best equipment yourself for DIY powder coating, here’s the actual cost of DIY powder coating.


DIY Powder Coating Can Cost You More


DIY projects are everywhere these days, thanks to Pinterest and how-to videos on YouTube and other websites. While you might find a step-by-step tutorial for powder coating in your internet searching, take a pause before making the big equipment purchases. Even getting low-cost equipment can cost you more in the long run!


Professional powder coating equipment is an investment because of the incredible quality result they produce. However, those looking to complete a powder coating project on their own likely don’t want to pay the high cost for one or two projects. Because of that, people tend to opt for low-cost equipment that doesn’t give a good finish and durability, which means your metal object can deteriorate faster, or you pay even more money to fix it. 


Even if you can swing the high-quality powder coating equipment, it takes professional training and skill to operate safely and effectively. So, bottom line, it’s best to leave your powder coating project up to a premium powder coating company. Then, thinking long term, you will save money because your powder coating will be completed right the first time and give you many years of durability and use.


The Best Professional Powder Coating Equipment


Powder Coat Art is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality for their powder coating projects. That starts with our state-of-the-art equipment. We are proud to use world-class equipment for each powder coating project we complete. Our powder coating professionals use world-class equipment from Gema Switzerland GmbH. Gema produces some of the best quality electrostatic powder coating equipment on the market. All of their equipment is developed and manufactured in Switzerland at their headquarters. 


Gema Switzerland GmbH has been an international leader in powder coating equipment manufacturer for decades, which means you can trust the equipment we use for your metal parts. Our professional powder coating equipment uses advanced technology and innovative systems to produce remarkable results for our customers. This type of equipment allows us to apply powder coating to a variety of metal objects. We specialize in commercial and industrial parts, plus automotive parts, but contact our team today to see what we can create for you!



The equipment used for your powder coating project is just as necessary as the process. Trusting professionals with your powder coating will save you money in the long run and give you better results. Whether your parts are big or small, a few or many, Powder Coat Art can provide professional and world-class powder coating that lasts for many years to come. To get started with your project or for any questions, contact us today. We ship anywhere in the continental United States and Canada, so it doesn’t matter where your business is located. Partner with Powder Coat Art for your powder coating needs, and you will see the difference!



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