How to Clean Powder Coated Objects

How to Clean Powder Coated Objects


Powder coating is a long-lasting and durable investment. One that also looks great for all of your use. Like with any other finishing, it’s essential to clean and maintain your powder coated objects. Good care of your powder coated metal will help ensure it stays in pristine condition for longer. Powder coating can last 15-20 years, and learning how to clean powder coated objects is an essential step in its longevity. Here are some tips for how to clean powder coated metal.


Basic Cleaning & Maintenance


Cleaning your powder coated object isn’t a complicated or expensive process. So, don’t feel the need to buy a lot of specialized cleaners. Simply clean with a mild soap detergent and water, which will help remove dirt and grime from your powder coated metal. If possible, find a soap with emulsifiers because this will help break down many common stains. Along with mild soap detergent and water, use soft sponges to wipe down your powder coated metal object.  


It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use harsh chemicals to clean your powder coated metal. This could damage your powder coating. If your powder coating becomes damaged, it’s much more vulnerable to fading and corrosion from the environment or daily use. In addition, the longevity of your powder coating is a lot shorter when you use harsh chemical cleaners on the metal object.


For larger powder coated objects like patio furniture or other outdoor metal objects, pressure washing works well to clean your powder coated object, if used correctly. If you choose to pressure wash, use filtered water on a low-pressure setting. Unfiltered water can stain your powder coating. Using a low-pressure setting will prevent damage to your powder coating. An excellent way to check if it’s too strong is if the pressure washing moves the object’s position, it’s likely too strong and should be moved to a lower setting.


How Often Do I Clean My Powder Coated Object? 


The good news with cleaning your powder coated object is that it doesn’t have to be labor-intensive. Of course, it’s important to stay consistent and intentional with proper care and cleaning, but powder coating doesn’t require a rigorous and frequent schedule. If there are no significant stains, clean your powder coated object several times a year to keep it in pristine condition for many years. For powder coated metal objects that are more for design probably won’t see as much dirt and grime, but it’s still essential to clean it to keep its sleek aesthetic.


If your powder coated object is exposed to different weather conditions, stays outside often, or gets particularly dirty, then it may require a more deep and thorough clean. For example, powder coated gates in coastal regions need a deep clean at least once a year to remove the salt build-up from saltwater. Another example would be outdoor powder coated metal patio furniture in cold climates that might have residue from snow and ice.


When you discuss your object and its use with powder coating professionals, they will give you specific tips on how often to care for your powder coated object. The type of powder coating and the application process are vital parts of your maintenance plan.


Preventative Maintenance


It’s always good to start on a path of success with your powder coating condition. This makes the cleaning and maintenance of your powder coated object much more manageable. However, the best way to prevent damage from everyday wear and use is to use a professional powder coating team with high-quality equipment. At Powder Coat Art, we believe powder coating is an art form, and we’ve perfected the process with state-of-the-art equipment to yield the highest quality results. This makes all the difference to resist damage from dirt and stains!


Another important preventative maintenance tip is choosing the right powder coat type for your unique metal object. For example, some powder coating types are ideal for outdoor settings, whereas others should only be used for indoor metal objects. Also, if your metal object is exposed to very high heat, like auto parts, you will need a high-heat powder coating. Without the right powder coating, your metal object can degrade faster and wear down with cleaning. A powder coating expert will be able to tell you what your metal object needs.



Cleaning your powder coated objects is a simple process and budget-friendly. However, it’s necessary to clean your powder coated object at least several times a year. This will keep your powder coated metal in pristine condition for longer. The best way to make sure your cleaning process is effective is to start with a quality powder coating process and the right powder coating type for your object. Powder Coat Art is here for all of your powder coating needs, specializing in auto parts and commercial and industrial products. Contact our team today to find out more about our services.



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