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How to Keep Your Production Timeline with Powder Coating


Powder coating is the preferred finish for many commercial and industrial products. So, as a manufacturer, you have a choice, complete powder coating in-house or partner with a professional Nashville powder coating company. Professional powder coating yields the best results, but often companies are nervous about how it will affect production timelines. Here, we have some ways that powder coating can actually help keep your production timeline on schedule. 


1. Long-term partnership with a professional powder coating company


The first step is to create a long-term partnership with a professional powder coating company. This will allow for better communication and for the powder coating company to learn your products and requirements. As you and the powder coating company continuously work together, the more smooth and more streamlined the process will be. Powder Coat Art is committed to building long-term trust and communication with your team, so you be confident in your supply timeline.


2. Choose a powder coating company with expertise in logistics


Logistics and shipping are significant components of a production timeline. Once the powder coating is complete, it should be shipped safely and quickly to your destination. One way to minimize product damage and shipping times is to partner with a powder coating company that already has experience with logistics. Powder Coat Art has over a decade of experience with national ground and freight shipping, and we ship products daily. This helps us provide reliable turnaround and shipping times, which is a pillar of our company.


3. Include any restoration or sandblasting needs 


If your product needs restoration or sandblasting, it’s best to include it with your powder coating service. When you can find a powder coating company that also has restoration capabilities, it makes your timeline much more efficient. At Powder Coat Art, we specialize in surface restoration, sandblasting, and powder coating. We even have the facility capability to restore large and bulky items. 


3. Plan ahead with inventory


Another way to maximize your production timeline is to plan ahead with any popular inventory. If you can build a stock of powder-coated products ahead of time and then complete the powder coating finish. You will have it ready to go when there are orders. One of the great benefits of powder coating is it will not deteriorate sitting on shelves, so it’s easy to build up stock if needed. This also allows you to keep up with demand since you have products on hand ready to ship immediately.


4. Reduce product replacement and repair


Nothing snags your production timeline like a product return due to damage. With powder coating, your products have an extremely durable finish that’s resistant to rust, corrosion, scratches, peeling, fading, and UV damage. A powder coating finish means your products won’t need replacement or repair and saves you time from processing returns and replacing products. In addition, the experts at Powder Coat Art are committed to providing consistent quality for all of your powder-coated objects.


5. Invest in a process that saves time and money 


Even with quick turnaround and shipping times, the time it takes to complete the powder coating process still matters. When you look at all the different finishes available, powder coating consistently reigns on top because of its simple and efficient process. With wet paint, you would need multiple coats and have longer dry times, which can cut into your production timeline. Powder coating has a simple process with just one coat and a short curing time. At Powder Coat Art, we believe the equipment matters too, so that’s why we only use the best powder coating equipment!



We understand that you, as the manufacturer, place a lot of time, energy, and money into keeping your production timeline on schedule. Choosing a powder coating finish from a professional powder coating company will help you maintain the timeline as well as the integrity of your products. While some companies may choose to complete in-house powder coating, it’s genuinely most cost-effective long term to trust a third-party powder coating company. This is how you can always ensure you receive high-quality results with trusted turnaround times.


Powder Coat Art is your choice powder coating professionals for the Nashville area. We serve Lebanon, Nashville, Mt Juliet, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Gordonsville, and beyond! Our specialties include auto parts, commercial parts, and industrial products, plus we offer specialized high-heat powder coating. In addition, we offer any color or texture you want, and our team can help you determine the best powder coating color and finish for your products. You can rest assured your products are in good hands with Powder Coat Art, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Contact Powder Coat Art today with any questions or to request a quote.



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