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Is Powder Coating Food Safe?


One of powder coating’s best qualities is its versatility. You can powder coat your auto parts to withstand extreme heat and protect your patio furniture with powder coating from weather elements. So, if you’ve heard about powder coating food appliances, you might be wondering if powder coating is food safe. If you choose an FDA-approved food-safe powder coating, it is a safe finish for food applications. Let’s dive in further and explore what makes powder coating food safe and the benefits of food-safe powder coating.


What is Food Grade Powder Coating?

There are several types of powder coating to meet different needs. For example, you might choose a high-heat powder coating for parts that are exposed to very high temperatures on a consistent basis. So, for food appliances, there is a particular type of powder coating that’s safe for food consumption. 


Food-grade powder coating is a type of powder coating that is designed with maximum durability and prevents corrosion. It’s also built for easy cleanup, which is essential for food appliances. In addition, food-grade powder coating also makes food preparation more efficient by having a durable surface that withstands constant heat and cooking ingredients without any downtime. You’ll often find food-safe powder coating on stainless steel and other metal cooking appliances.


Benefits of Food-Safe Powder Coating

We’ve touched on a few of the major benefits of food-grade powder coating, but there are even more advantages to finishing food appliances with powder coating. The benefits range from safety, cleanliness, and cooking efficiency.


  • Temperature resistant: Whether you are cooking over a hot stove or chilling your treats in the freezer, food-safe powder coating can withstand hot and cold temperatures.
  • Non-stick: We can all appreciate cooking with a non-stick skillet! You have a food-grade powder coating to thank for that quality. Food-safe powder coating gives kitchen appliances a perfect and slick non-stick finish, making food preparation more efficient.
  • Long-lasting: It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for a restaurant or your family at home; you expect cooking appliances to last for the long haul. Food-safe powder coating holds up strong to cooking oils, fat, water, and steam, so your devices don’t break down easily. Additionally, food-grade powder coating protects against mold growth.

Food-grade powder coating is used for residential and commercial food preparation products. It’s especially useful for commercial food applications because a powder coating finish prevents flavor transfer and allows for rigorous cleaning without breaking down. Food-safe powder coating is the go-to finish for food preparation appliances that require efficiency and durability.


Common Kitchen Appliances With Food Grade Powder Coating

There’s a wide range of kitchen tools and appliances that feature food-safe powder coating. You may be surprised to discover how many of the appliances you use on a daily basis are finished with powder coating. Here are some common kitchen appliances and cooking tools with food-safe powder coating.

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Toasters and other small kitchen appliances
  • Nonstick pots and pans


Food Safe Powder Coating Process

Applying a food-safe powder coating is not much different from other types of powder coating. However, it’s crucial to complete the powder coating process effectively since these products come into contact with food consumption. There’s no worse place for powder coating breakdown than a cooking tool! The good news is it’s easily preventable with the application process and the right materials.


When you partner with a professional powder coating company, you receive the best possible results for your powder coating project. At Powder Coat Art, we use the highest quality powder and equipment to ensure an even and durable finish. Our powder coating process, starting with the surface preparation, makes all the difference between a part that lasts many years and one that breaks down after a short time. Additionally, you can trust your cooking tools and appliances are safe to prepare food in all temperatures and rigorously clean on a daily basis. 


Contact Powder Coat Art for Food Safe Powder Coating

If you want more information about food-safe powder coating or looking for a partner for your powder coating needs, Powder Coat Art is here to help. We offer a full spectrum of colors and textures for your powder coating project and specialize in a streamlined logistics process. Our central US location makes shipping easy and efficient for much of the United States, so you can be confident your product will ship safely and on your project timeline. In addition, we’re committed to constant communication throughout the powder coating project. So reach out to Powder Coat Art for a quote to begin your powder coating process!



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