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Is Powder Coating Worth It?


A common question that comes up during powder coating research is if powder coating is worth it. With many finishing options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your item, timeline, and budget. If you’re curious about powder coat cost, timeline, and how to achieve the best results with your powder coating investment, you’re in the right place! 


The short answer to the question is, yes, powder coating is worth it. But it’s important to understand why powder coating is a worthy investment. Let’s dive into the advantages, timing, and best practices for powder coating.


Powder Coating Advantages

Now that we have answered whether powder coating is worth it, we should discuss why it’s worth it. That’s best answered with powder coating’s features and benefits. The advantages are long, but here are some key reasons to choose powder coating over wet paint and other finishes. 


  • Efficient: The powder coating process is efficient and environmentally friendly. There are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from powder coating like other finishing types, and powder coating does not include harsh chemicals. The process of powder coating is straightforward and produces an even and durable finish.


  • Long-lasting: One of the most significant benefits of powder coating is its longevity. A powder coating finish lasts much longer than wet paint. This is especially important for furniture, auto parts, and equipment! You need a long-lasting finish that holds up strong for your metal parts, and powder coating exceeds those expectations. 


  • Versatile: You won’t have to sacrifice design and color when you choose powder coating. There are endless powder color or texture options for your powder coating project. If aesthetics is important to you, powder coating can help you achieve your desired result!


How Long Does Powder Coating Take?

Another reason powder coating is worth it is the timeline. Powder coating application is a simple and efficient process when using a professional company. A powder coating professional uses an electrostatic gun to apply the powder and then completes a curing process to ensure the powder clings and bonds to the metal part. From there, the part is ready to go.


When you have a powder coating project in mind, contact an expert powder coating company to establish a timeline. It’s best to work with a powder company professional who also specializes in shipping. Understanding shipping timelines and processes is key to a high-quality, timely powder coating result!


A major component of timely powder coating projects is the equipment used. Using high-quality equipment provides a professional result and completes the project . A professional powder coating company will use the best equipment and process to help you meet your project timelines.


Beware of DIY Powder Coating

There is a caveat to the questions we’re answering today. Yes, powder coating is worth it, but only if you choose a professional to complete the project. For many reasons, DIY powder coating is not recommended. Most people do not have the right equipment to safely and effectively complete powder coating projects. If you do have the right equipment, you’ve probably invested more time and money than you would if you partnered with experts. 


Our best advice is to skip the YouTube videos and DIY articles and go straight to professionals with the experience and expertise. Partnering with powder coating experts will save you money and time in the long run!


Choosing the Best Powder Coating Company

How do you choose a powder coating company to complete your project? The company you choose matters because it can make or break your final result. Using an expert in the powder coating industry will help ensure your finish is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. Ask the powder coating professionals about their process, experience, equipment, and the color/texture options they offer. It’s also wise to see examples of their work. An expert powder coating company will help you achieve the vision for your project in a timely and quality way!


Powder Coat Art – Your Powder Coating Professionals

Powder Coat Art is the expert powder coating professional you need to complete your project with quality and durability. We offer powder coating services for a wide range of parts, including auto parts, industrial parts, and patio furniture. We also provide our customers a wide range of colors and textures for their powder coating project so they can see their vision come to life. 


Our commitment to high-quality results and consistent communication is what sets us apart. We are passionate about communicating with you every step of the way, from planning to execution to shipping and every point between. Whether your powder coating project is ongoing or a one-time need, you can trust Powder Coat Art to provide a durable, long-lasting, and quality finish. Request a quote or contact us for more information!