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Most Popular Powder Coat Colors


One of the most remarkable features of powder coating is the endless amount of color options. For some, this may be overwhelming, but it makes powder coating an excellent material. Whether you want to go bold with your auto parts or stay neutral with your patio furniture, a powder-coating color is right for you. Let’s go deeper into powder coat colors and textures to discover the most popular colors and things to keep in mind when searching for your ideal color.


Standard Powder Coat Colors


The standard powder coat swatch set is one of the most common colors people choose for their powder coating projects. These colors don’t have any special effects and have timeless qualities. You can choose neutral colors to red, lime green, and orange. The standard powder coat colors are great options if you want a true solid color that will align with the surrounding decor.


Texture Powder Coat Colors


The next set of popular powder coat colors is the texture powder coat swatch. In Powder Coat Art’s texture swatch, you’ll find a lot of neutral colors in the black, gold, and silver color families. Additionally, there are red, green, and blue options. 


What makes texture powder coat colors stand out is they don’t have the smooth finish you would find with other colors. The texture options are wrinkle, vein, and sand texture. The rough wrinkle texture offers a better grip than the sand texture. The sand texture provides a very rough feeling, similar to sandpaper. Finally, the vein texture has small dents throughout the powder coating. If your metal part requires a textured powder coat, you can still select a desirable color to work with your texture.


Metallic Powder Coat Colors


Metallic powder coat colors are some of the most popular because they offer a sleek aesthetic that pairs nicely with the powder coat’s finish. Our metallic color options at Powder Coat Art consist of traditional metallic colors like bronze, silver, and gold. Still, you also have other selections like gray, red, purple, blue, and green metallic colors. 


Another reason for metallic’s popularity is how it reflects. When you look at a powder-coated object with a metallic color finish, you’ll notice the color changes as you view it from different positions. This color swatch would stand out nicely on auto parts or other parts that see the sunlight. 


Go Bold? Tips for Special Colors and Textures


Some people want to go bold with their powder coat color choice and choose something with special effects or a unique color or texture. These color and texture options can bring more depth to your part’s design and work, especially if the design focuses on functionality. That said, there are some important tips to consider if you want to go unique with your powder coat color choice. 


An expert powder coating company will understand all the specifications when choosing the right color or texture for your metal part. This is why it’s critical to work with a professional to apply your powder coating because the color goes on with a smooth, sleek finish plus lasts many years.


Powder Coat Art Offers Unlimited Powder Coat Colors


These popular powder coat colors are just a sample of our color selection at Powder Coat Art. We offer an endless amount of colors to choose from, ranging from standard to special effects. If you don’t see a color that matches your vision, ask our team, and we are happy to help you find the color that will provide the perfect powder coating finish and boost its aesthetic appeal. 


Powder Coat Art specializes in automotive, industrial, and commercial parts. We are committed to providing top-quality powder coating that honors your timeline. Our experts achieve this by keeping communication a priority throughout the entire process. We understand that shipping timelines are extremely important as you run your business, so we do everything possible to stay on schedule and keep you informed.


Contact Powder Coat Art today to request a quote or view our gallery of work. We are the first choice for powder coating in Metro Nashville, plus we ship products daily all over the United States and Canada. We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life with unlimited powder coat colors.



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