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Powder Coating Wheels & Automotive Parts

Powder Coating Wheels in the Greater Nashville Area

Do you want custom powder coat wheels and auto parts?  Powder Coat Art is your source.
Do you expect precision quality on your powder-coated automotive parts?  Powder Coat Art is your source.
Do you require fast turn-around times without waiting and calling for when your parts are ready?  Powder Coat Art is your source.

Here at Powder Coat Art, we specialize in automotive parts and more importantly in quality and delivery times.  We have been in the metal fabrication and finishing business for over a decade.  Developing the best processes for quality with a pursuit of excellence has always been how we define ourselves.

Another reason we love powder coating automotive products is because automotive parts get hot!  And we here at Powder Coat Art specialize in High-Heat powder coating techniques and mediums.

Powder Coating Weels

Custom Color? No Problem.

Wheels are just one of our specialties.  From customizing new wheels to restoring old wheels with the magic of powder coating rims, we do it all.  Restoring old wheels not only brings new life to your vehicle’s appearance but also saves money as it is typically less expensive to restore and powder coat old wheels than it is to buy new ones.

When it comes to colors, we stock the most common colors for quick turnaround.  If you prefer something custom, unique, or very special to your personality, we can get just about any color or finish you can think of.
Check out our Colors Page for some standard Powder Coat Colors.  For other more unique colors give us a call.

Powder Coating Automotive Parts

Powder Coating Auto Parts in the Greater Nashville Area

Powder coating car parts allow one to not only customize and personalize their automobile or custom car project but also protect one’s car as powder coating is extremely durable.

It is hard to beat the durability of Powder Coating.  It is now the preferred method of commercial and industrial metal finishing around the world.

Nearly any automotive part can be powder coated provided it can hold an electrostatic charge.  This includes most car parts since they are made of iron, steel, and aluminum, the most common metals found on vehicles.

The list of automotive parts that can be powder coated is long including parts such as:

  • Wheels
  • Oil Pans
  • Brackets
  • Chassis & Frames
  • Springs & Swaybars
  • Shock & Strut bodies
  • Roll bars and Roll cages