powder coating vs liquid paint

Is Powder Coating Better Than Liquid Paint?


One of the most frequently asked powder coating questions is how it compares to liquid paint and the differences. Both powder coating and liquid paint are popular finishes that hold up strong when used in the right places. So let’s answer this question of powder coating vs liquid paint and dive into why powder coating is better than liquid paint for metal parts.


Bottom line: Yes, powder coating is better than liquid paint

We don’t mean to give any spoilers, but the short answer is that powder coating is a better finish for metal parts such as auto partspatio furniture, and commercial and industrial parts. There are good reasons you should choose powder coating over other finishes for your metal object, but first, it’s important to know the difference between these finishes. Knowing the features and uses of powder coating and paint will help you decide which one is best for your project.


What’s the Difference Between Powder Coating and Paint?

One of the key differences between powder coating and liquid paint is their uses. Liquid paint is used indoors and outdoors for furniture, walls, and other surfaces. Powder coating is only used for metal objects. 


Another difference is its material. Paint comes in liquid form and contains harsh chemicals that are unsafe to inhale. Powder coating is a powder with little to no VOCs and is considered a more eco-friendly finish. A powder coating professional will put the powder into an electrostatic gun to blast the powder into the metal part. Then, through a curing process, the powder binds together to be a strong finish.


Using wet paint on a metal object won’t produce your desired result. Metal parts and furniture require a highly durable finish that can withstand weather, high heat, and wear and tear. With these differences in mind, here are some benefits of powder coating vs. liquid paint for metal objects.


Benefits of Powder Coating vs. Liquid Paint

  • Longevity: Powder coating is known to produce long-lasting results. A quality powder coating finish can last anywhere from 15-20 years. Much of that longevity comes from the process. This process includes pre-treatment, high-quality equipment and materials, and expertise. Liquid paint simply does not last as long and will need to be repaired and replaced much sooner.
  • Durability: One of powder coating’s best qualities is its durability. Powder coating is made to resist corrosion, rust, scratches, and damage. Additionally, powder coating can withstand heat up to 250°F. So, powder coating is the ideal finish if you have a metal part that is exposed to high heat, like an auto part or outdoor equipment. We even offer a special high-heat powder coating that can withstand up to 1100°F. Liquid paint doesn’t have the same durability and requires more maintenance to keep it strong.
  • More Even Finish: Powder coating is a simple process that yields a beautiful result. If done correctly, powder coating only requires one coat, and you have an even finish that’s vibrant and strong. With liquid paint, you can’t always guarantee the finish. There are drips, missed spots, peeling, and other imperfections that keep it from pristine condition. In addition, liquid paint typically requires multiple coats to get a vibrant and even finish. Powder coating takes less time overall and produces a better finish.
  • Color & Texture Options: Powder coating offers endless colors and textures. You can find bold and smooth colors, neutral and texture options, and everything in between. Some popular color swatch options include gradient, translucent, metallic, shimmer, vein, and granite. With powder coating, you get the perfect combination of durability and beautiful aesthetics. 


Why Professional Powder Coating is the Right Choice

While many people choose to complete paint projects on their own, it’s not the right move for powder coating. If you attempt a DIY powder coating project, you’ll find it’s more expensive, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous than if you chose a professional company. Partnering with a professional powder coating company ensures you achieve your desired result within your budget and time restraints. In addition, experts in powder coating use their experience to perfect the process so you can get decades of use out of your powder coated object.


Ready to jump into your next powder coating project? Powder Coat Art is a professional powder coating company specializing in standard and high-heat powder coating for auto parts, industrial and commercial parts, patio furniture, and more. We also use our expertise in logistics to ensure your finished parts arrive safely and on time. Our team values high communication at every step of your powder coating project! Contact Powder Coat Art today with your questions and for a quote. We also feature a gallery of our past work. We look forward to serving your powder coating needs!



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