Powder Coating Environmentally Friendly

Is Powder Coating An Environmentally Friendly Finish?


“Eco-friendly” and “environmentally-friendly” are hot words in today’s society. As we all do more to protect the environment, it’s important to consider the type of finishes we use. If you know anything about the powder coating process, you may wonder if this is a safe finish for the environment. Here we are going to answer how powder coating is environmentally friendly. 


Short Answer: YES


Powder coating is a very eco-friendly finish compared to other finishes. This adds to the appeal of powder coating because it does not negatively impact the environment. Because of this, it’s also safer for professionals to handle and apply powder coating. So now, let’s dive deeper into what makes powder coating environmentally friendly.


How is Powder Coating Environmentally Friendly?


  • Releases Little to No VOCs

One of powder coating’s most distinguishing features is that it releases very little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Depending on your experience with powder coating or other finishes, you may not have much experience with VOCs. Essentially, VOCs are chemicals often found in wet paint that will release into the air as applied and can damage the environment and the ozone. More importantly, it’s unhealthy for people to inhale them too. The lack of VOCs is a big reason powder coating is considered eco-friendly and wet paint is not. 


  • No Air Pollution

Another eco-friendly feature of powder coating is it does not contribute to air pollution. Because powder coating is not emitting VOCs or other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, there is no air pollution from powder coating. Of course, you will still see powder coating professionals use protective gear and powder coating booths to complete the project safely and effectively. However, you don’t have to worry about powder coating dust entering the outdoor air.


  • Less Hazardous Waste

Hazardous materials require special waste removal, which can be costly, time-consuming, and damaging to the environment. With powder coating, there is minimal hazardous waste because powder coating doesn’t use or produce hazardous materials. The benefit is twofold. It is environmentally friendly and safer for those people completing powder coating projects.


  • Non-Toxic Material

A great overall benefit to powder coating is it’s a non-toxic material. Powder coating doesn’t contain any heavy metals or harmful chemicals. Therefore it’s a much more eco-friendly finish for metal parts. In addition, many auto parts and other outdoor tools and furniture receive a powder coating finish, so metal parts stored outdoors should have a non-toxic finish.


  • Less Overall Waste

We discussed how powder coating has less hazardous waste than other finishes but has less overall waste than other finishing types. Even if you aren’t using special disposal, regular trash disposal can also affect the environment. Powder coating produces less waste by recycling unused powder. This is the powder that misses the metal part and doesn’t adhere. Using that excess powder coating helps prevent unnecessary waste!


  • Compliance With Environmental Regulations

Professionals must comply with many regulations and safety codes when using different finishes. For example, wet paint and other chemical finishes may require special handling, disposal, or procedures. On the other hand, powder coating meets environmental regulations because it’s considered a non-toxic material and produces a very low amount of VOCs.


Best of Both Worlds: High-Quality and Eco-Friendly 


While you may love the eco-friendly qualities of powder coating, you may wonder if it takes away from its strength, quality, and color. Sometimes environmentally-friendly objects are known to be lackluster in function and design, but powder coating is far from that! With powder coating, you get the best of both worlds, a high-quality design and strength with an eco-friendly finish that helps protect the environment. 


Powder coating’s high-quality finish comes from the materials and the process. Therefore, using the best equipment and powder for powder coating projects is critical to ensure complete durability. The process that yields a perfect result starts way before powder coating is applied. Taking the extra steps goes a long way to ensure a long-lasting result. That’s why we recommend using professionals instead of DIY powder coating. You will be much happier with the result in the long run!


When you use a professional powder coating company with top powder coating equipment and materials with a proven process, your results are undeniable. If you’re looking for a professional powder coating partner for your one-time or consistent projects, Powder Coat Art has the expertise and professionalism to make it happen. We specialize in indoor, outdoor, and industrial applications for metal objects in all sizes and colors. Visit our website gallery to see examples of our work and the product categories we feature. You can also request a quote for your custom project. Contact the Powder Coat Art team to learn more about our services!



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