Powder Coating A Good Financial Choice

Is Powder Coating A Good Financial Choice?


There’s not much to argue about powder coating’s high-quality finish and straightforward process. Powder coating truly takes your metal object or equipment to the next level for many years. But, you might be wondering, is powder coating a good financial choice for you? The cost of powder coating is a fair question, and we hope to give you more insight into powder coating to make the best decision for your equipment. There’s a lot that goes into the cost of powder coating, so let’s dive into the investment of powder coating.


How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?


While powder coating has just a few steps to its process, it’s unique to each individual object. Because of that, it’s impossible to give a standard price for powder coating. Even suggesting an average cost per square foot is very difficult because of the several factors that affect the final cost. The best and fastest way to get a quote for your powder coating project is to contact a powder coating expert to study your personal equipment. 


What generally affects the cost of powder coating the most is how big the surface area is. A larger surface area will require more powder coating and cost more than a smaller surface area. However, regardless of size, factors like color, type of coating, coating thickness, and cleaning required affect the cost of powder coating.


The great part about powder coating is all of the color options you have for your equipment. You can even find a custom color to exactly fit what you need. However, custom colors and metallics typically cost more than standard powder coating colors. Likewise, a high-temperature powder coating costs more than standard coating because the materials allow your object to withstand very high temperatures. 


The thickness of the powder coating coverage, going thin or very thick, will affect the final cost of your powder coating project. Finally, if your object is significantly corroded or dirty and needs extra cleaning, that may increase the price. Knowing all of this upfront should give you more insight and help you understand what to expect. However much you spend on your powder coating project, we know it will exceed your expectations.


The Result of Powder Coating


After you invest in your powder coating project, you will be amazed at the result. When you receive your metal equipment or object back, it will be restored with a high-quality, durable finish and operate just how you need it. Our standard powder coatings can withstand up to 250F degrees. For most metal objects, this is precisely what you need, and you can rest assured your equipment will maintain its quality for the long haul. However, if your metal object is around even higher heat, our high-temperature powder coating can withstand over 1100F degrees.


Our powder coating process speaks to the quality result you receive. Using the best electrostatic equipment, we blast the powder onto the metal object, where it clings and fuses to the object during the curing process. The result is durable and beautiful metal equipment you can be proud of.


Is Powder Coating Worth It?


Now back to the original question, is powder coating a good financial choice? First, think about the investment you’ve made into your metal object or equipment. If it’s essential to your business or you personally, you should ensure that it stays in top condition for many years. Powder coating is more durable, lasts longer, and has better quality than other metal finishes, like wet paint or plating. So while you may save money in the short term using another finishing method, you will spend more trying to maintain it in the long run.


Over time, metal objects experience corrosion if they aren’t adequately coated and protected. Depending on the environment your metal equipment lives in, corrosion can happen quite quickly and often. Investing in powder coating will ensure your metal is protected from corrosion.


When you choose to powder coat your object, you’re actually helping the environment too. Powder coating doesn’t release nearly any VOCs, and it prevents heavy metals from absorbing into soil or water sources. The powder coating process also produces less waste than wet painting.


The bottom line is, yes, powder coating is an excellent financial choice if you want to protect and maintain your metal equipment for many years. Powder coating can last 20 years, so you will absolutely get full enjoyment and use out of your powder-coated objects.


Trust the Powder Coat Art Experts


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