Back Bumper


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Full-Width Back Bumper

This is for coating a full-width of a back bumper.


Current Condition Type of Your Bumper

  • Excellent: Your bumper is fresh from the manufacturer.
  • Good: The previous finish is not peeling or bubbling. There’s little to no rust and it isn’t eating through the bumper.
  • Fair: Your bumper is lightly chipped, scratched, or rusted.
  • Poor: Your bumper is heavily chipped, scratched, or rusted.

Additional information


Excellent – fresh from manufacturer, Good – finish is not peeling or bubbling, little rust, Fair – lightly chipped, scratched, rusted (+$100), Poor – heavily chipped, scratched, rusted (+$100)


Dormant/Illusion, Galactic, Granite, Metallic, Shimmer, Standard, Texture, Translucent, Vein