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5 Reasons To Powder Coat Automotive Parts


When it comes to automotive parts, only one type of finish will check all the boxes. Powder coating for auto parts is essential for the aesthetics and integrity of your vehicle. Here, we’ll break down the reasons to powder coat automotive parts. From design to durability to convenience, there’s a lot to love about powder coating auto parts!


1. Durable protection


There’s no denying powder coating’s durability. It offers the strongest finish available, which is vital for auto parts. Automotive parts come into contact with high heat, rocks, debris, weather conditions, and moisture on a daily basis, so they need ample protection. Powder coating offers the necessary high-level durability for auto parts. This is one of the best reasons to choose powder coating over other finishes.


2. Less wear and tear


Powder coating protects auto parts from outside elements, and it also protects auto parts from themselves. Even without significant external damage, auto parts wear down over time. With a powder coating finish, auto parts see less wear and tear, even with extensive use. Other finishes, like paint, can fade, chip, or crack over time, leaving your auto part exposed and more likely to wear down faster. The strong layer of powder coating will give your auto part protection and reduce the amount of wear and tear.


3. More eco-friendly than other finishes


One of powder coating’s best qualities is that it releases little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a more eco-friendly finish than traditional paint or other finishes. Powder coating also doesn’t require special disposal or clean-up requirements like finishes with harsh chemicals. Since auto parts are consistently out in the environment, powder coating makes sense for both you and the environment.


4. Looks professional


Powder coating doesn’t just offer structural benefits. It also has great design qualities that can stand out or blend in, depending on your design preference. Vehicles have a sleek exterior, and auto parts with a professional finish will only enhance the vehicle’s look and feel. If a professional company completes the powder coating project, you can expect a finish that looks even, smooth, and sleek. You won’t have to worry about bubbling, cracking, or fading with powder coating from Powder Coat Art! Whether your auto parts are on display or under the hood, you will appreciate a finish that looks professional and holds up strong too. 


5. Endless color options


Powder coating offers a wide variety of textures and colors. So, whether you want to make a bold statement with your wheels or try to stay more neutral, there’s a powder coating color that works perfectly. A professional powder coating company will have a large color selection, so it’s simple to get your desired result. While there are a lot of color choices with paint, when you combine the other benefits of powder coating, it makes powder coating the top choice! At Powder Coat Art, we display all of our color and texture options on our website and a gallery of some of our colors in action.


Popular Auto Parts to Powder Coat


Now that we looked at the reasons to powder coat auto parts, which auto parts should you powder coat? Powder coating is a versatile finish that looks good on many different metal parts across all industries. With auto parts, there are several types of automotive parts where powder coating works quite well. So if you’re wondering if powder coating is suitable for your auto part, here are some auto parts that we consistently use a powder coating finish.


  • Wheels – Wheels are the most popular auto part to powder coat. They make a statement on your vehicle and stay in pristine condition from anything the road throws at you.
  • Bumpers – Both front and rear bumpers can benefit from a powder coating finish to protect from dings and scratches. 
  • Chassis & Frames – There are many components under your vehicle’s hood to powder coat, including the entire chassis and frame. Powder Coat Art also specializes in frames for dirt bikes, four-wheelers, go-karts, and bicycles.
  • Accessories – If your vehicle has accessories that attach to the vehicle, like a metal roof rack or truck bed rails, then a powder coating finish is a great way to complement your vehicle or make a bold statement of color.


Choose Powder Coat Art for Your Automotive Parts


Powder coating is a popular finish for automotive parts because of its incredible durability, protection, and aesthetics. The best way to achieve these quality results is to partner with a professional powder coating company for your auto parts finish. Powder Coat Art specializes in auto parts and promises efficiency, professionalism, and high-quality results that will exceed your expectations. Reach out to the Powder Coat Art team today to get started with your auto parts powder coating.



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