These Terms and Conditions must be agreed to before work acceptance can begin.

  • PCA has a shop minimum charge of $125.00
  • Full price deposit will be paid prior to ordering powder or Cerakote product. If you change the color or decide not to have work done you will pay the cost of the materials and shipping before parts will be returned. PCA can not guarantee the outcome of the product with client provided powder or ceramic liquids.
  • Your parts will be picked up within 7 days of completion unless prior arrangements are made. If items are left for longer than 7  days, storage fees will be applied at 2% per day. Items left longer than 28 days will be sold.
  • Estimates given are subject to price change once items are inspected in person and or acid stripped and sandblasted. If the price changes, the client will be notified prior to coating. All rubber, plastic, bearings, and bearing races must be removed prior to drop off or extra removal fees will apply. PCA is not responsible for damages caused by removing said items. Extremely dirty, rusty, greaty, or oily items can generate an extra cleaning fee.
  • If cracks or any major damage in wheels are found, PCA will not coat them unless they are fixed or replaced. This excludes minor curb rash.
  • Outgassing issues / bubbles can happen. This does not fall on PCA.
  • Colors picked can vary from Computer Screen to the product in person.
  • Estimate and time frame can change depending on occurring issues. Things can happen during the process that will cause the process to take longer. PCA will keep you updated.
  • Fragile materials can break in Sand Blast Booth. Fault does not fall on PCA.
  • If there are cracks under the previous Powder Coating that are found after sandblasting you will receive 25% of the initial charge back with your pieces. We will not Powder Coat them.
  • Anything that needs to be disassembled will be charged an hourly labor rate of $75/hr at a minimum of one hour. Reassembly is a separate and equal charge of an hourly labor rate of $75/hr at a minimum of one hour..
  • PCA is not liable for anything that breaks during processing. This includes, but is not limited to, breakage sustained during disassembly, reassembly, and/or sandblasting.

Powder Coat Art Disclaimer

  • We ask the customer to inspect the quality of our Powder Coating for errors or blemishes in the final product. Powder Coating is not warrantied once it leaves the Powder Coat Art work site.
  • Yes, I agree with all of the above terms and conditions.