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The Ultimate Guide to Powder Coating Colors


We always talk about the incredible durability and performance of powder coating, but did you also know there are many color options for powder coating? You can have the most protective finish for your metal object and choose the color that best suits you. So, how do you choose from all of the powder coating colors? We have your guide to powder coating colors and finding the right color for your metal object and overall design.


What Colors Are Available For Powder Coating?

This is a common question with powder coating. The answer is, any color you want! At Powder Coat Art, we feature colors and textures from Prismatic Powders. Our colors page shows that there are many different variations of black, brown, gray, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, and white. Before you decide on your favorite powder coat color, there are several things to keep in mind that may help determine your decision.


Choosing a Powder Coating Color

Powder coating colors are available with different gloss levels, finishes, textures, and powder types. These are important because some powder types and finishes work better for outdoor objects, and some are only for indoor parts. If you’re handling your metal object every day, that will also affect which texture you choose. Here’s a summary of the different aspects of powder coat colors to keep in mind.

  • Gloss Levels

Powder coat colors are available as flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss. The higher the gloss level, the shinier your object will be. However, keep in mind that some gloss levels don’t combine well with certain textures. Consulting with a powder coating expert before choosing a color will help ensure you find what works best.


  • Finishes 

Different finish types range from solid tone, metallic, and textures like vein, wrinkle, and sand. There’s even a transparent finish available! The metallic finish is popular because of the shimmery or multi-color look. The transparent finish allows you to actually see through to the metal and works best for indoor metal parts. We’ll dive deeper into the various textures available for powder coating below.


  • Powder Type

Our colors use polyester, urethane, epoxy, or hybrid powder coating types. Certain powder types have better protection against weather elements, so choose wisely. For example, epoxy powder coating doesn’t offer UV protection, so it is best for indoor objects. However, polyester powder coating does have resistance to UV damage, making it an ideal option for outdoor metal parts.


Powder Coating Textures

One of the great benefits of powder coating is the opportunity to choose a texture instead of just a flat solid color. The options are really endless with powder coat textures, and most textures fall into the categories of wrinkle, sand, and vein. A sand texture is just as the name suggests; it’s rough to the touch. The wrinkle texture gives you a better grip than sand texture but is also rough. Another benefit to the wrinkle texture is it does a good job hiding any imperfections in the metal. Finally, the vein texture looks similar to a golf ball, with small dents on the surface. 

Powder coating textures give more depth to your metal object, whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or easier use. You can find the textures we offer on our colors page, or you can reach out to us to find the exact color or texture you need.


Custom Colors

At Powder Coat Art, we offer a broad spectrum of solid colors and textures, but if you can’t find the color or finish you’re looking for, we can find it for you. We want you to get the precise result you envision for your metal object, so just contact us with the color or texture you want. Our powder coating team has expert knowledge of powder coat colors and finishes!


Choosing a Powder Coating Color is the First Step

If you choose the highest quality powder coating color, but it’s not effectively applied, it’s useless. Selecting a quality color and finish is the first step and choosing a professional powder coating company to apply it properly is just as important. Powder Coat Art has the top-of-the-line equipment and process to produce a beautiful and durable powder coat finish. We specialize in auto, commercial, and industrial parts, so we are your trusted partner for any metal parts you have.

Powder coating colors allow you to get creative with your metal part. Whether you’re trying to match the overall design of other parts or make a bold statement, Powder Coat Art can help you get there with our proven process and tools. If you have any color questions or are ready to get your project started, contact our team today.



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