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Third-Party Powder Coating vs. In-House Powder Coating


Manufacturing companies all over the country rely on a powder coating finish for their parts and products. That’s because powder coating is the superior finish for quality, durability, and longevity. In order to achieve that beautiful, strong finish for your products, companies have two options, find a third party to partner with for powder coating or create their own in-house powder coating facility. Which one is better? Let’s break down in-house powder coating vs. third-party powder coating for commercial and industrial parts.



The most significant consideration for powder coating is cost. Cost is a broad term but can mean anything from equipment to staffing to training to floor space. As a business, you should weigh the costs of partnering with a third party for powder coating or completing in-house powder coating projects. 

In order to achieve the professional quality finish from powder coating, you need the right equipment. High-quality powder coating equipment is a major investment, and it may not make sense for your company to invest in high-cost equipment. This is where a great powder coating partner comes in! A third-party powder coating company already has the professional equipment and materials needed for your parts. Whether you have a constant flow of products that need powder coating or just seasonal, a professional powder coating company is here whenever you need them. 

Another part of the cost to consider is staffing and training. If you purchase the powder coating equipment, you have to hire new staff, train existing staff, or both. This time-consuming task costs money, time, and energy all around. As a result, many manufacturers find it’s more cost-efficient to trust powder coating to a third party.



Logistics is the second thing to consider when deciding on third-party or in-house powder coating. Some companies think using a third-party powder coating team slows down shipping and the entire process, but not if you use the right partner! For example, Powder Coat Art prioritizes turnaround and delivery times. Additionally, we are experienced with logistics and freight shipping, so it’s simple to get your products back out quickly.

Third-party powder coating companies are up to speed on all the environmental and safety regulations needed for powder coating projects. This is critical because you can rest assured your parts are finished with excellence and safety measures in place. In addition, if you take on in-house powder coating, your staff will be left to stay within regulations. 



When you ship products to customers, you want to ensure they get what they paid for. Quality should last long after the first few uses too. No matter if your part is for heavy daily use or more for decor, the finish and the process for the finish matter. Powder coating is very durable, but it’s only as good as its equipment and technique. That’s the great benefit of outsourcing your powder coating needs.

Professional powder coating companies are experts in all things powder coating. Every day we complete all the necessary steps for preparation and powder coating to provide the best results. This gives us expert-level experience in powder coating your products so that you can spend more time elsewhere. If you want to ensure the quality of your powder-coated parts, work with a professional powder coating team. 



Since powder coating is all third-party powder coating companies do, there’s more flexibility for colors, textures, and other custom features. At Powder Coat Art, we have the space and expertise to offer a wide range of colors and textures for your powder-coated parts. For in-house powder coating, you may only have the capacity for several colors. With a third-party partner, you can test colors and textures to see the right fit for your parts. 


What’s the Verdict?

If you want to reduce costs with powder coating but not sacrifice quality, partnering with a professional powder coating company is the best option. Third-party powder coating has a great ROI because it’s cost-effective, flexible, and produces top-quality results your customers will appreciate. Most importantly, this is completed with the proper safety and environmental regulations.

Powder Coat Art can ensure your parts are powder coated correctly, efficiently, and safely. We also take special care to ship your parts on a timeline that meets your needs. In addition, choosing a third party to complete your powder coating projects frees your floor space, budget, and staff up to fully focus on your company’s product line.


Powder Coat Art specializes in powder coating for commercial/industrial parts and auto parts. We also offer a high heat powder coating that withstands up to 1100°F, so the powder coating finish works perfectly no matter what your part is used for. Contact the Powder Coat Art team today to find out more about our services.



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