will powder coating rust

Will Powder Coating Rust?


Your metal parts and objects need a professional finish to last for many years. There are a lot of finishers on the market that promote themselves as long-lasting and durable, but one of the most significant issues you’ll encounter is rust. You’ve probably heard about the fantastic benefits of powder coating as a finish and also wondered, will powder coating rust? The short answer is, under the right conditions, powder coating is very resistant to rust. So let’s break this down to see what makes powder coating less susceptible to rust.


What Leads to Rust?


What causes that pesky and frustrating rust to appear on your part? When moisture gets on the surface or under the finish, it leads to rust. Unfortunately, rust spreads rapidly, which ultimately causes corrosion to your metal object. This significantly reduces the lifespan of your metal part and costs you more money in the long run. 


Other popular finishes include paint and plating, but these won’t give the same protection from rust and corrosion as powder coating. A finish that’s not very durable can easily crack, making it more prone to rust. With powder coating, the composition and process make it the most qualified finish to resist rust, cracking, peeling, chipping, and abrasion. If you’re worried about rust, powder coating will give you peace of mind.


Strength and Durability of Powder Coating 


So, powder coating is your answer for a finish with the most protection from rust and corrosion. Don’t just take our word for it, though! When you see the composition and application process of powder coating, you will also be convinced of its incredible strength and durability.


The name gives a big clue into what powder coating is. Powder coating is just powder that is completely coated on the metal object. Already, this gives a more strong finish than other finishes, therefore blocking out rust and other debris. However, before you go out and get your own powder coating equipment, understanding the application process is vitally important to powder coating’s success in resisting rust.


Applying powder coating equally depends on the equipment and process for a durable and even finish. Only high-quality powder coating equipment will properly prepare and apply powder coating evenly. An even coat is critical to avoid future damage or rust. Then, there’s the process. A professional powder coating company is trained and experts at applying powder coating. The process consists of blasting the powder to the object and then curing the metal part with heat so the powder can completely cling and bond. 


Another part of the process we should point out is preparation. Preparing the metal part for powder coating is another crucial part to withstand rust and corrosion. Powder coat preparation completely removes old debris, rust, and powder coating before applying a new coat. When you start from a clean slate, it doesn’t leave any openings for moisture to crawl under the finish. Once your metal part is prepared and powder coated, you have great protection against rust, but your care and maintenance after the application are also essential.


Powder Coating Maintenance


The good news with powder coating is it has relatively low maintenance. We have a complete guide on how to clean powder-coated objects and other preventative maintenance that will help in your regular use. Here, we discuss how proper powder coating maintenance can help prevent rust from invading your metal part. In addition, there are simple things you can do to keep your powder-coated object last for decades.


If you’ve seen parts with a powder coating finish start to rust, it’s either because it wasn’t applied properly or there was a break in the powder coating left untreated. As much as you take care of your metal part, accidents happen, and sometimes there’s damage to the powder coating. If you notice a crack in the powder coating, it’s imperative to have it checked and repaired immediately to prevent it from rusting. If it’s not fixed, rust may begin to appear, leading to overall corrosion.


Choosing the Right Powder Coating Partner


How can you ensure high-quality powder coating and application for your metal part? The answer is choosing a professional powder coating company to apply powder coating to your parts properly. An experienced powder coating partner has the equipment and process necessary for an even, durable, and beautiful finish. After care and maintenance are much more manageable when starting with a quality product! Powder Coat Art is the expert professional for your powder coating project, and we provide the quality and efficiency you need.



Powder coating is a finish that gets the job done, even in high heat, and looks sharp too. Powder Coat Art specializes in auto and commercial parts with a wide variety of custom colors and textures available. We also offer high-heat powder coating that’s ideal for auto parts. Contact Powder Coat Art today to ask about our services and get started on your powder coating project.



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