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Powder Coat Art

Your Powder Coat Source For Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial Applications

Powder coating is a tough finish for metals that doesn’t require the use of a solvent. Instead, an electrostatic gun shoots the powder, which clings to the metal object being coated. The powder then fuses to the object and cures when exposed to high temperatures and cooled. This forms a uniform coat that won’t run or sag. Powder coating releases little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and will hold up to weather, degradation, and heat better than typical liquid coatings. We here at Powder Coat Art specialize in this process.

We’re confident you will love our powder coating services. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

Powder Coat Technology

World-Class Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coat Art utilizes the best equipment in its class; Gema Switzerland GmbH, an internationally leading manufacturer of liquid conveyance systems and components.
These technologically advanced and high-quality devices and systems are developed and manufactured at Gema Switzerland‘s headquarters in St.Gallen. A state-of-the-art coating laboratory is available to customers for coating experiments. The findings are then integrated into the design of complex coating systems with the result being customer-specific, tailor-made solutions.
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High Temperature Powder Coating

Standard powder coating can withstand temperatures up to 250F degrees maximum.  Above that and problems in the finish start to occur.  Occasional spikes in the temp to 350F may be withstood. However, if your product is going to see sustained temperatures above that, a High Heat Powder Coat is the solution.

Heat-resistant coatings can withstand heat up to and over 1100°F.
Our high-temperature powder coating makes the final coat even more resistant to heat, corrosion, and color fading. This is ideal for objects that are regularly exposed to heat, like automotive parts, grills, or generators.
Call us to learn more about High-Temperature Powder Coating for your project.


We offer a wide spectrum of colors for you to choose from. In addition to our vibrant selection of standard finishes, metallic, anodized, and multicolor finishes are also available.

Feel free to contact us and let us know your color and finish needs. You can also view our entire color selection by clicking below.

Premium Powder Coating

From Sandblasting and surface restoration to specialized powder coating.

Powder coating can breathe new life into old furniture, appliances, hardware, and more. Contact us to find out how we can restore, renew and refinish your old metal items with a slick new powder coat finish.

Our specialized restoration facility and sandblasting room could restore even large bulky items.

Call about our capability and booth sizes today at (615) 551-3774

Shipping & Freight Services

Powder Coat Art is strategically located in the central US for optimal shipping anywhere in the continental USA or Canada.   It doesn’t matter if you are local to our facility or not, we can ship your finished products directly to you.

We have a long history of mastering Palletized shipments and currently have some of the best shipping rates in the country.  Wherever you’re located, call us about your next project.

We make specialized powder coating hassle-free even if you happen to be 500 miles away.