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before-after-glider-coral.jpgThe Importance of Powder Coating Surface Preparation

At Powder Coat Art, we see a wide variety of objects come through our doors needing powder coating services. Of course, each object is unique in its age, condition, and history, but they all have in common the need for powder coating surface prep. Just like how you would prepare home projects, like a wall to be painted, surface preparation for powder coating is essential. So let’s dive into why it’s important and what steps are involved.

Why Powder Coating Surface Prep is Necessary

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know how durable and long-lasting powder coating is. The reason we are so confident in powder coating’s results is because of the pretreatment preparation. When you invest in powder coating, you want to ensure you have the best possible outcome, and proper surface preparation makes a huge difference.

One of the most asked questions our team gets is, how long does powder coating last? The most significant determining factor to powder coating’s longevity is the preparation done before the actual powder coating. If it’s done correctly, your powder coat could last up to 20 years. We want to start from a clean slate, so you achieve exactly what you want.

If your object isn’t prepared effectively before powder coating, it can affect how it looks and the actual metal. The powder coating can look uneven without a clean and smooth surface and show bubbles, peeling, and bumps. Corrosion is another issue that could come up if your object isn’t pretreated before powder coating. If there is existing rust on the thing, it can cause finishing issues and oxidation problems. All of this is avoided with proper preparation!

 Powder Coating Surface Prep Process

The process for preparing a surface for powder coating is relatively simple, but it’s important to discuss, so you know what to expect. The overall purpose of powder coating surface preparation is to remove any old and dirty residue from your object. This removal allows for the powder coating to adhere more effectively. As a result, the quality will be outstanding, and it will look beautiful too!


Sandblasting is a successful way to remove paint, rust, corrosion, old powder coating, and other residues from your object. The basics of sandblasting are that it uses high-pressurized sand in an air compressor that shoots through a nozzle to blast off the residue. You’ll be left with a clean and polished metal that’s ready for powder coating. It’s pretty remarkable what sandblasting can accomplish with even the most stubborn rust and residue. 

At Powder Coat Art, our services go beyond powder coating. We are equipped with a sizeable sandblasting room in our facility to handle even large sandblasting projects with ease. Completing every part of the process, from prep to final powder coat, in our facility means you get a better quality in a faster amount of time.


After sandblasting, your project is almost ready for a fresh powder coating. The next step in the surface preparation is a primer. A sufficient primer will help ensure the bond between the powder coating and the metal is strong. Primer also works to prevent future corrosion. We all see the benefits of primer with other home projects, and it’s the same with powder coating. 

If you have an outdoor metal object, primer is even more critical. Outside, your object will be exposed to a lot of nature and weather elements, even if it’s in a covered area, so you’ll want to ensure it maintains its quality for the long haul. In addition, primer helps protect against oxidation, which is especially useful in humid climates. Talk with our team about the specifics of your metal object and its environment to provide the best services for your unique needs.

Your Powder Coating Professionals

Once you receive your new metal object with a strong powder coat, you’ll see that it’s worth the extra step of preparation. All of these preparation steps come together in a simple process that leads right into powder coating. We don’t leave any unnecessary time in between the powder coating surface prep and the actual powder coating so you can have a pristine result.

Whether your project is big or small, Powder Coat Art has the resources to fulfill your powder coating needs. Our powder coating facility is conveniently located near Nashville, TN, and we have expert experience in shipping and freight services. So, no matter where you are located in the United States or Canada, we can complete and ship your powder coating project hassle-free. 

Contact the experts at Powder Coat Art today for a quote and to start your powder coating project. You can find Powder Coat Art on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. Connect with us, learn more tips, and see some of our finished products!