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Commercial Powder Coating


When it comes to commercial projects, you need finishes that can withstand tough conditions and still look fantastic year after year. That's where powder coating from Powder Coat Art really shines. As the premier powder coating experts in Lebanon, TN, our team specializes in providing top-notch powder coating services that deliver quality, durability, and eye-catching good looks that are bound to impress.

At Powder Coat Art, powder coating isn't just a job, it's our passion. This obsession with quality fuels our commitment to using the latest techniques and equipment. The result? Flawless, powder-coated finishes that exceed expectations, every single time. Whether you need a rugged coating for heavy equipment or a silky smooth finish for architectural pieces, we have the skills to make it happen.

Commercial Powder Coating Services Offered by Powder Coat Art

No matter your industry, we have the perfect powder-coating solution for your commercial needs. Our expertise spans automotive, architectural, furniture, aerospace, and more. Need a super tough powder-coated finish for metal parts, equipment, fixtures, or even something custom? We have the skills and experience to handle everything with precision and care.

  1. Automotive Industry: Powder-coated wheels and rims are among the most popular and well-known choices. But we can do so much more than that! From car accessories and add-ons to heavy-duty machinery and equipment, we'll powder coat it with a flawless, super-tough finish that looks amazing and can seriously take a beating day in and day out without chipping or fading.
  2. Architectural Industry: We can powder coat all kinds of architectural elements, such as railings, fences, gates, and light fixtures—you name it. Our durable finishes work great for interior and exterior applications on any size or scope of construction projects.
  3. Furniture Industry: Give metal furniture frames a total glow-up with our powder coating services. We offer every color and finish style you can dream up to create stunning, modern pieces that last for years and resist daily wear and tear.
  4. Aerospace Industry: Durability and corrosion resistance are non-negotiables for aircraft components. Our tough-as-nails powder-coated finishes can handle extreme conditions like temperature swings while providing superior protection against degradation, even in harsh environments.

Customization is the name of the game at Powder Coat Art. Have a bold design in mind? Let us know, and we'll bring it to life—custom colors, patterns, textures—you got it. We can even incorporate logos right into the powder-coated finish. We work hand-in-hand with you to nail that perfect custom look.

Advantages of Commercial Powder Coating

Why choose powder coating for your next commercial project? There are so many awesome advantages over traditional liquid paint:

High-quality, Insanely Durable Finishes:

  • Resistant to chips, scratches, fading, abrasion—you name it—a powder-coated surface can seriously take a beating while still staying fresh as the day it was applied.
  • Amazing corrosion protection protects metal components from rust, oxidation, and degradation, even in harsh environments like coastal areas or industrial settings.

Eco-Friendly Process:

  • Powder coating creates far less waste and uses far fewer harsh chemicals than traditional liquid painting methods. It's an environmentally responsible choice that doesn't sacrifice performance.

Transform Your Commercial Spaces with Powder Coat Art

Our state-of-the-art powder coating facility and skilled team are ready to take your commercial projects to a new level. We live to create durable finishes with serious wow-factors that leave a lasting impression.

Whether you need to enhance product durability and longevity, totally reinvent the look of interior or exterior space, or bring a bold, unique design concept to life, we've got the passion and expertise to nail it. Our quality standards are through the roof - we don't cut corners.

See what powder coating from the pros at Powder Coat Art can do for your next commercial project. Reach out to us today, and let's start bringing your vision to life!