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Why Powder Coating is Better Than Wet Paint & Plating

Why Powder Coating is Better Than Wet Paint & Plating

19th Apr 2021

powder coating vs painting

Why Powder Coating is Better Than Wet Paint & Plating

When you’re searching for a quality metal finish, there are many options in front of you. It can be a little confusing or even overwhelming to determine the proper process for your needs. The choices you have are powder coating, painting, and plating. There’s a lot of discussion around powder coating vs. painting and which one is better. Overall, powder coating provides the finish and longevity most people are looking for. Let’s break it down, though, and see specifically just how powder coating is better than wet paint and plating.

Quick & Simple Process

One of powder coating’s best benefits is the quick and straightforward process to achieve such stellar results. The process consists of using an electrostatic gun to apply the powder to the metal object. We use some of the best electrostatic equipment in the world, which enhances the process and result. The powder clings all around the metal object and then is cured using heat for about 10 minutes. Once it’s cooled, that’s it! Just one coat, and you have beautifully finished metal.

Paint and plating are more labor-intensive and a bit more complicated. For starters, painting requires multiple coats to get consistency and achieve the desired level of thickness. The fact that you’re starting with liquid makes it complicated from the start. The process of plating isn’t as straightforward as powder coating either. It often depends on the type of metal and the goal you want to achieve.

If efficiency is crucial to you, know that in addition to providing quality powder coating, we also have relationships and processes to make freight shipping speedy and efficient.

Durable & Even Finish

You might be thinking, is one coat enough for a high-quality finish? The answer is yes! The key is the heating part of the powder coating process. When heat is applied after securing the powder to the object, it not only melts the powder to evenly coat the metal but also binds it together tighter and firmer. The end result is a durable and even finish.

With painting, it’s obviously wet. While processes have definitely improved with wet paint, it still requires multiple coats, and it’s difficult to control how it falls. Over time, you will have to maintain and refinish metal objects finished with wet paint and plating. Powder coating lasts much longer and holds up well.

A common misconception with powder coating is you don’t have as many color options to choose from as you would with paint or plating. The truth is, you can still achieve that custom color and texture with powder coating. You have your choice in a wide variety of colors, including metallic, anodized, and multicolor finishes. With bold and vibrant colors combined with an impeccable finish, your product will stand out as brand new.

Withstand High Heat

Let’s be honest, most of your metal products you would consider for powder coating are used under a lot of heat. This could include auto parts, outdoor furniture, and other household appliances. A great benefit to powder coating is it allows you to have a finished metal object in the color of your choice that can live outside all day without wearing down. Standard powder coating can hold up to temperatures reaching about 250 degrees. This will take care of many of the objects discussed, but what about auto parts or grills?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Powder Coat Art is we offer high-temperature powder coating. This type of powder coating works perfectly for auto parts or any other object that will go under consistent high heat. Using this method, it can withstand a maximum of 1100 degrees!

As mentioned earlier, wet paint and plating finishes just aren’t as durable as powder coating. When you’re looking for a finish that can withstand heat, a durable finish is at the top of your list. Painted and plated metal objects require more maintenance, especially if it’s exposed to harsh elements.

Without a doubt, a powder-coated object can take the heat. You might be wondering, though, how it affects the environment or indoor air quality. The other advantage of powder coating is its environmentally friendly nature. Powder coating releases very minimal volatile organic compounds. You can rest assured that using powder coating as a metal finish will not harm the environment.

Powder coating is truly the best of both worlds. It looks good and holds up strong. When debating powder coating vs. painting, the benefits of powder coating outweigh the benefits of painting. There’s just so much versatility, efficiency, and quality that powder coating provides to many different metal products. Wet paint and plating definitely have their purposes, but it just serves better for a powder coating finish for many needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services. You can also connect with us on Instagram